Trevor Frank (Padres, Mariners, Indians)

“You guys are killing it with these bullpens and workouts for me.  The video has been huge for me to look back on things I do well and bad on.  I’m sure everyone has that time when something clicks and you can’t remember what is was.  Well these guys can help you with that.  Get in and train with them and you will have big league caliber stuff to get you right.“ 


“Can’t thank Coach Ring enough for all his hard work these past few years. Both of my boys have seen tremendous improvement not only mechanically with their swings but in their confidence on the baseball diamond as well. They’re excited for Spring to get started and be back in the cages with Coach Dave!”

Xavier Nady (MLB 2000-2014 w/Padres, Yankees, Giants, Pirates, Mets, Cubs, Diamondbacks, & Nationals)


”I love following you on twitter, watching the videos and what you’re doing. A lot of the stuff you guys do, I’ll steal and use with our guys, so just keep doing what you’re doing when it comes to putting out great messages for hitters and development.“

Monte Lee (Clemson University Head Coach)


“Working with Coach David Ring at Canyonside Cages and Coach Stephanie Main at Uprush Athletics has gotten me more than ready to kill it this season. We did everything from game-like ab’s, to fielding work, to strength and conditioning specifically for being a better baseball player. If you want to up your game, go train at Canyonside Cages!”

Tyler Flores (All-American PLNU, SF Giants) 

Gunnar Schubert (Gonzaga, Miami Marlins)


“My personal testimony is that I was a starter at Gonzaga University. A Division 1 University that has a proven track record of having winning seasons and competing in the NCAA tournament every year. We came just a little bit short of achieving our goals but I knew that if I could have just done a little bit more at the plate then we would’ve made it just a little bit farther. Like every young aspiring Baseball player, I felt like the weight of my team was on my shoulders.  With just working with Coach David Ring for one off season doing countless tee drills and batting practice reports. I went from being a .240 hitter to a .348 hitter with way more RBI’s while striking out way less. David Ring isn’t a Guru because those type of people use magic. Even though working with David felt like I was having beginners luck. It was proven after I got drafted this summer in 18’ while hitting at the professional level my hitting translated very well from being a Division 1 baseball player then being fortunate to say this is my profession. 

If you are a concerned potential student of the game that wants to improve your offensive game at the plate then I would highly recommend David Ring at Canyonside cages along with his whole staff. David made hitting fun again and taught me how to swing like a Pro and helped make the connection from making contact and how to actually drive baseballs consistently at one of the highest levels there is on the planet. David is a great coach and cares about players who come to his program who actually want to learn. It’s not about a quick fix because the longer you stay at Canyonside Cages the better you get. I’mhonored and lucky enough to have found a mentor such as David and gave me a fighting chance to compete with some of the best baseball players in the world and one day hopefully achieve my dreams to becoming a Hall of Fame baseball player. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Canyonside Cages and take your game to a highly competitive level!”

Nick Schulz (San Diego Padres)


“Coach David Ring has all the toys and whistles at Canyonside Cages to break down your swing and to get you right. Great atmosphere, winning attitude and tons of drills that you can pick and choose to help you along your baseball journey. Loved having Dave help me along my career and he Always wants everyone looking to get better!”

Jorge Garcia (Guerreros de Oaxaca, Mexico)


“David Ring is a very professional and reliable hitting coach to work with. Based on my own experiences here at Canyonside Cages I can safely say with 100% certainty that I as a professional baseball player trust this man with my mechanics. I also trust and know this man will provide me with tips, drills, video, and proper instruction to help me contribute and reach my aspirations of success. With that being said I would recommend those who want their kids to achieve there goals or to improve to work with David Ring here at Canyonside Cages.” 


Anthony Walters (Cal, Mt. Sac, SDSU)

Very fortunate to be hitting with and learning from Coach David Ring. I saw my hitting skills jump to the next level. I always use to think that there was something wrong with the mechanics of my swing when I would be going through a rough patch at the plate, but coach Ring taught me that it is more than likely the little things that is disrupting my swing. Load/Seperation and finding the keys to my swing is what really clicked for me. Coach Ring puts hitting into its simplest form, and he also gives a lot of effective drills to work on everyday.

Gavin Johns (UCLA, Tennessee Tech)


"I have had many people in my life help me along my way through baseball, school and social life. Dave Ring has been so inspirational and a beacon of light and hope when it comes to the mental, mechanical and functional part of hitting.   I am currently a Student/ Athlete at UCLA on the Bruins baseball team.  I am a right handed hitter and catcher. Dave has mentored me on a professional approach and set up all the way from the load to forward motion, swing path, contact, follow through and tempo.  Dave has a very advanced approach to teaching, modeling and coaching. He has very high expectations of his students and demands that they come back for the next session only if they have worked hard in between and mastered the prior weeks movements. Dave employs many unique tools and techniques that help break down movements and swing keys.  Dave restructured my swing over a 6 month period between my Sophmore and Junior year at UCLA.  I have noticed significant progress and my results are the proof of his great work. I not only led my team in batting average this summer in the Great West League but I carried the best batting average (.477) in the entire league."

Connor Markell (Maryville University)


"Traveling in the off-season always has me scrambling to find a place to get my swings in. But after crossing paths with Coach David Ring at Canyonside Cages, I can honestly say I've found one of the best hitting instructors around. His facility has every tool/drill you would possibly need to get your swing right. If you're in the San Diego area and looking for a place to hit, than Canyonside Cages is the place to be!" 

James Loney (Dodgers, Rays, Mets)


"Always great hitting with my man David.  Thanks for all the support and batting practice.  Striving for greatness is what it's all about." 


Evan Trausch (Vassar College)

​"Coach Ring was one of my first travel ball coaches, as well as my first hitting coach. He gave me a great foundation for a short and simple swing that I still use today. Dave has always been a student of the game, which shows in the research and drills he uses in his lessons. He teaches positive attack angle and internal rotation which have been employed by numerous collegiate and pro organizations. That being said, he is open minded and willing to adapt your swing to what’s best for you. I recommend Coach Dave to both young and experienced hitters looking to improve their swing and drive baseballs. Coach Ring has helped me throughout my career, and I was fortunate to win the Division 3 Liberty League batting title as well as Rookie of the Year because of my hitting performance this past year."


Justin Ledgerwood (PLNU)

"I started working with Coach David Ring at Canyonside Cages before my senior year of high school. I had a problem of overthinking my swing mechanics and coach Ring helped me slow things down by focusing on small adjustments and trusting my swing. Coach Ring helped me physically and mentally which really improved my game." 


Shane Jones (Menlo College)

“Hey coach just wanted to let you know I finished my season yesterday and I can say it was by far the best hitting year I've ever had. I hit .307 with 6 bombs compared to  .250 and 1 bomb last year. I appreciate all the help and work you put in with me and am looking forward to working with you this summer.”